Here in Thomas Davis we are currently completing an awareness campaign with regard to Club policies and the responsibilities shared by us all when it comes to Child Protection and Child Welfare issues.

The safeguarding of our members will always be a key priority as we recognise that the welfare of the child is of paramount importance in our work. Every player and parent who registers with Thomas Davis will be agreeing to abide by our codes of behaviour so we are urging you to be aware and read carefully. As each policy is reviewed and updated we will be publishing here on the Websites and making it available and easily accessible to members. It is all of our responsibility to ensure the best practice is implemented in Thomas Davis.

If you have a concern you can contact your section head or the Club Children’s Officer. Please remember that the majority of breaches of our Code of Behaviour are in fact instances of poor or bad practice and with the co-operation of all concerned, may be rectified and may not occur again.

Deirdre Halpin  Club Children’s Officer

085 1569092