Thomas Davis GAA Positive Sidelines Campaign

As we continue our 2024 competitions, it’s timely to remind everyone of the importance of continued good behaviour on our pitch side-lines whether at training sessions or matches to help create a positive experience for all our teams representing Thomas Davis GAA.

We are launching a #positivesidelines campaign and you will notice some new signage around the club to highlight this. Find below a summary of the key points for parents and supporters to remember when attending games at Thomas Davis GAA club or travelling to other clubs while representing Thomas Davis GAA. For the benefit of all our coaches, players and volunteers we will be taking a firm stance on this in 2024 and we would very much appreciate your support for this campaign.


1. NO coaching from the sidelines. Leave the coaching to the coaches please. Instead of coaching, a positive “great job”, “come on Thomas Davis” or clap is the way to go!

2. NO criticising or engaging with referees. They will make mistakes just like we all do every day. Many referees are still young and learning including many of our juvenile players who assist with GO-Games and juvenile games. Refs are currently in increasingly short supply due to the abuse they often endure. Yelling or engaging with referees, questioning calls and demonstrating frustration or aggravation with referees is not appropriate, under any circumstances. Coaches will handle any necessary communications with referees at the appropriate times (half time, post game) and in the appropriate manner.

3. Think twice before interacting with opposing fans and players. Use common sense, be respectful, act in a sportsmanlike manner, remember their child is also just trying to have fun, always choose the higher ground and represent yourself and Thomas Davis GAA positively. If your engagement with an opposing fan or player is not positive, do not engage.

4. Don’t stress. If you are pacing, yelling and getting upset, please step away and take a breather. Choose the opposite approach… relax and take comfort in the benefits of your child’s participation in the game.

5. Save coach discussions for another day. Coaches are doing their best and managing the game in real time. Take the time to consider your need for a discussion with the coach and speak with them away from the game day and in an environment that allows for constructive dialogue, without the influence or presence of your player, other players or other families.

For Parents, please focus on the benefits of the game for your player, not the score or result. Win, lose or draw, every game is an opportunity for our children to have fun, get exercise, be good teammates, show sportsmanship, compete, learn and grow. This is all that matters.


– Incidents of negative or disruptive behaviour towards coaches, referees, any players (Thomas Davis or opponents) will be dealt with under the guidelines of the GAA Code of Behaviour

– Issues should be submitted for review to the Club Secretary (

– Complaints received from other teams or the County Board with respect to a Thomas Davis GAA parent or coach misbehaviour will require inquiry and possible repercussions for parents and possibly their players to be decided by a Hearings Committee as appropriate.


By prothomasdavis Wed 29th May